What our clients have to say

My experience with the entire staff at PACBLU has been very positive. Their case managers have strong ties with the medical and legal community, are knowledgeable about workers comp laws and have assisted in positive medical and vocational outcomes. When there has been a need for immediate support on a catastrophic claim, I know that I can count on PACBLU to have one of their staff available to assist myself, the injured worker and their family".

Connie Hoffman, senior claims examiner, Intermountain Claims

When we were considering outsourcing our bill review services, we reviewed various options and ultimately selected PBR Services, a division of PACBLU. As one of the largest local insurance companies in Hawaii, we were pleased with the flexibility of the PBR team. With each new request, PBR has managed and developed the project with no additional or hidden fees, while providing excellent results.

First Insurance Company of Hawaii