Services we offer

PACBLU offers a complete end to end range of services – from First Contact, our 24/7 phone support line, through to Medical Case Management, Vocational Rehabilitation, Bill Review and Disability Management. We establish relationships early in the life of an injury, and we’re there to guide you through recovery and return to work. We also offer a range of specialist programs and consulting services to help manage all areas of workplace injury.

We strive to achieve excellence in everything we do – providing the highest quality of care and focusing on outcomes – whether it is return to work, reaching maximum medical improvement, or reducing the cost of care. We work with all parties: the ill or injured worker, insurance carrier, third party adjuster, attorney, and healthcare professionals, to facilitate communication and ensure everyone’s working together for the benefit of the injured person.

Medical Case Management


PACBLU attracts the most experienced, skilled Medical Case Managers in the industry. We provide a range of Medical Case Management services, from the initial report of injury through to full management of a case. Find out more about our Medical Case Management services here.



Vocational Rehabilitation


PACBLU Vocational Specialists have the experience, knowledge and connections needed to help an injured person back into employment when returning to pre-injury employment is no longer an option. Our vocational services include assessment, planning and coaching to prepare the injured person for a successful return to work. Read more about our Vocational Rehabilitation services here.


Bill Review


We understand the significant cost that medical treatment can present. PACBLU Medical Bill Review Analysts combine their extensive experience, with our state of the art web-based software package and PPO network to ensure medical treatment is provided in the most cost-effective way. Find out more about our Bill Review services here.



Disability Management


When an injury results in the need for disability management services, we facilitate an integrated approach to the adjudication of Long-Term Disability or Short-Term Disability, as well as Individual Disability and Family Medical Leave. Read more about PACBLU Disability Management services here.




Specialty Services & Programs


PACBLU offers a range of innovative services and programs which have been developed to address the needs of our customers. Some of our programs include:

  • Injury Recovery Assistance Program
  • First Contact 24/7
  • Pharmaceutical Management
  • Utilization Review
  • Consulting

PACBLU can work with you to design a program to address your specific needs. To find out more about our programs and how we can work with you, click here.