Vocational Rehabilitation

PACBLU always starts with the goal of returning every injured worker to their pre-injury employment as swiftly as their medical needs allow. Sometimes, a workplace injury results in an injured worker being unable to return to the same job, though they may be otherwise able to work.

When this situation occurs, we collaborate with the medical community and the injured worker to identify the skills and abilities that will enable them to find new employment. Our job placement specialists have a thorough understanding of local labor markets, and they can assist the injured worker with locating a job that will suit their medical limitations. Retraining needs and opportunities can be identified, and a worker who is motivated to return to the workplace will have every opportunity to get back to work.

PACBLU Vocational Rehabilitation Specialists provide:

  • Labor market surveys
  • Reemployment assessment/transferrable skills analysis
  • Loss of earning capacity evaluations
  • Ergonomic assessments
  • Job placement