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ODG by MCG (formerly the Official Disability Guidelines)

ODG by MCG, part of the Hearst Health network, provides highly configurable, industry-specific medical treatment, disability, and return-to-work guidelines for managing workers’ compensation and disability claim outcomes using evidence-based, data-driven decision support.

ODG solutions are used by disability and workers’ compensation claims and case managers, providers, employers, insurance carriers, third-party administrators, managed care organizations, and attorneys. To date, ODG has been adopted by more U.S. legislative and regulatory organizations than any other industry guideline. In fact, ODG is the most widely used workers’ comp medical treatment guideline in the world, popular among all healthcare stakeholders, including utilization review agents, nurse case managers, and TPAs.

The goal of using ODG solutions is to help provide the proper care, return-to-work plans, and job modifications, with the appropriate amount of resources at the right time for a given patient’s specific needs. The results from using ODG should support minimal waste - and help streamline via
automation - where recovery and guidelines align.

Based on the philosophy that the only way to achieve real and lasting cost-savings is through the delivery of quality and timely care, ODG provides comprehensive evidence summaries of all therapies associated with workplace disability, with recommendations for appropriate use, expected time away from work, and normative utilization data. Independent of any one medical specialty, the objective of ODG is to bridge diverse medical disciplines involved in the diagnosis and treatment process and support them based on the best and latest available medical evidence.

You can view a screenshot of the new ODG interface below. ODG solutions are available via web access log-in or integrated API.

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