Specialty Services and Programs

Injury Recovery Assistance Program

When an injury or illness occurs, pre-existing life issues can become entangled in the recovery process. These issues might include other illnesses or injuries, family problems, lack of support, or financial and work-related concerns. The PACBLU Injury Recovery Assistance Program (IRAP) was developed to address the need for holistic early intervention, addressing not just the injury, but the unique life challenges faced by the ill or injured person.

IRAP involves consultation with the PACBLU injury recovery specialist who has many years of experience helping individuals navigate and adjust to difficult times and changes in their lives. The aims of the program are to:

  • Assist with return to usual activities – both at home and at work
  • Help with managing issues that are affecting recovery
  • Enable coping and adjustment to the illness or injury and pain
  • Ensure the ill or injured person has support and someone to talk to

First Contact 24/7

First Contact 24/7 provides immediate access to care and advice when an injury occurs in the workplace. Our specialist team of nurses is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to guide you through first aid, initial treatment, finding a medical provider, and helping with early injury management. Receiving appropriate and timely initial care following an injury is an important part of ensuring the best long-term outcomes for recovery.

Our nurses are experienced, understanding, and have the local knowledge required to help the injured person receive the treatment they need. We also take care of notifying the insurance company and where required, filing a claim on your behalf, thus minimizing paperwork and reducing any delays in treatment approvals. By ensuring the best injury management from the outset, time lost from work is reduced, recovery times improved, and costs minimized.

The First Contact 24/7 service is also equipped to handle emergency situations, and our nurses are experienced with managing and coordinating responses to catastrophic events.

Opioid Management Program

The use of opioid medications for pain management, especially in the case of workplace illness or injury, is on the rise. This increase is problematic for a number of reasons: dependence on medication, improper pain management, addiction, and cost. The PACBLU Opioid Management Program has been designed to help identify and monitor the use of opioid medications, minimizing the risks associated with use of this medication.

By assessing claims and payment data, PACBLU is able to identify cases where opioid drugs are being prescribed and monitor for any potential problems. Issues may include a high prescribed dosage, a large number of pills dispensed at the initial prescription, or high costs. When a potential problem is identified, our experienced team can review the case and recommend appropriate actions to ensure the ill or injured person is receiving the most appropriate treatment with minimized risk.

Utilization Review

PACBLU provides a comprehensive utilization review program to complement our Medical Case Management and Medical Bill Review services. Our utilization review services are undertaken by both our established network of physicians and our experienced Medical Case Managers. We focus on fast turn-around times, transparency, and expertise to ensure fair, reasonable and timely responses to all utilization review requests.

PACBLU’s utilization review program is developed with involvement from actively practicing physicians, evaluated at least annually and updated where necessary. We utilize state medical treatment guidelines, and where a condition is not addressed by these guidelines, we consider the best science available within the context of nationally recognized guidelines.


PACBLU has worked with a number of employers and insurance carriers to help identify and manage problems though customized programs and interventions. We provide data analysis and reporting, research, industry and best-practice knowledge, project management, and program design and implementation. Whether it’s a small number of difficult claims, or a business-wide program, we have the experience and commitment to deliver results for our clients.